Rainwater Catchment Systems

Reports by Dr. Leroy F. Heitz


For more information on rooftop rainwater catchment systems contact your state sanitarian or the University of Guam WERI

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The research on this Web Site was financed in part by the United States Department of Interior, US Geological Survey, through the State Water Resources Research Institute Program.

All of the information given in this booklet is based on some ASSUMPTIONS. They are:

If you use less than this, the tank sizes given in this booklet may be larger than necessary. If you use more than this, they may be too small.

The information provided in this booklet is based on local rainfall conditions and is correct only for certain areas of the FSM. The charts that are provided can be used for: All the islands of Yap State, FSM, all the islands in Namonweito Atoll, Chuuk State, FSM , and all the islands in the Pattiw area, Chuuk State, FSM.

If you live somewhere other than the areas specified above, you should not depend on the charts provided in this booklet.

Since you can not use your rainwater storage tank for bathing and washing clothes all the time, it is important to have access to another dependable source of water. A well or stream is the most common source. If you do not have access to such a source, you will be tempted to use your tank for purposes other than those that are recommended in this booklet. If you do this, YOUR TANK MAY BECOME EMPTY.