USGS Sponsored Research



The following WERI affiliated websites sites were developed wholly, or in part, with USGS funds:

  • Guam Water Kids (

    This website was designed to provide teachers of 9 to 12 year olds with materials about Guam’s fresh water resources and to serve children of this age group interested in individual study. The materials feature Guam-based issues and images including photos of Guam children, maps of Guam, illustration of Guam's geological formations, Guam place names, English-Chamorro vocabulary, and typical island flora, fauna and geological features. Interactive Flash™ animation is used to illustrate basic concepts such as how an aquifer functions using the unique specifics of Guam’s aquifer.

  • Natural Resources of Southern Guam (

    This website is a digital resource center for data related to the physical and environmental characteristics of southern Guam. Its purpose is to provide accurate and easily accessible baseline information to government agencies, environmental specialists, educators, students, and all interested parties. The geographic scope of the atlas is southern Guam, which is defined as the area covered by fourteen southern Guam watersheds.