Associate Academic Programs

UOG Graduate Environmental Science Program

Guam is a United States island territory located in the tropical western Pacific. Guam is a high island built from a succession of volcanic eruptions followed by coral reef buildups. As such it hosts a diversity of interrelated ecosystems and environments ranging from sweeping upland savannas, deep valleys with spectacular waterfalls, limestone forests, and karst terrains seaward to alluvial plains, mangrove forests, and world class beaches, seacliffs, and coral reefs systems.

The Universiy of Guam is the western Pacific´s only Land Grant University. It is mandated to assist in safeguarding the region´s environmental, social, and economic resources. The interdisciplinary Environmental Science Graduate Program provides an integrated research-teaching regime and addresses technical aspects of complex environmental problems and seeks to make informed contributions to their solutions.

Research in the Environmental Science Program is individually tailored. It unifies other graduate curricula, concentrations, and courses at UOG in Biology, Agricultural Sciences, Geology, Marine Sciences and Business and Public Administration. Students receive a Masters of Science in Environmental Science after finishing 33 credit hours of course work and successfully completing their research thesis.

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