Report Number: 77
Year: 1998

Seismic Hazard Vulnerability on Guam: a Summary

No abstract was published. A summary of the Introduction follows.

This report summarizes the more comprehensive "Earthquake Hazard Vulnerability Study: Guam, Mariana Islands" by Dames and Moore, 1994. Five tasks accomplished in the original report included: (1) developing a summary of the tectonic setting and recording earthquake history of the Mariana Islands Arc region; (2) mapping the active and dormant faults, as well as geologic hazards, at a 1:50,000 scale; (3) establishing a Guam-specific response spectra for use in developing building requirements; (4) estimating the statistical probability of strong earthquakes that could occur on or near Guam; (5) recommending future research activities that would be helpful in identifying earthquake hazards and susceptibility on Guam. The report's materials have been reorganized into four chapters: (1) Geologic Framework, (2) Faults and Earthquakes, (3) Seismic Hazards, and (4) Conclusions and Recommendations.

Galt H. Siegrist Jr.
Russell R. Lewis
John M. U. Jocson